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Analytics – why data is your most valuable asset

A recent survey by Deloitte Analytics found 49% of participants say the greatest benefit of using analytics is that it is a key factor in better decision-making capabilities. Another 16% believe its greatest benefit is better enabling key strategic initiatives and nearly two-thirds say analytics play an important role in driving business strategy. Why is it important to track your emails and collect data? Email is a core digital channel and with return on investment for email campaigns around $44 per $1 spent, it is no wonder businesses invest a lot of time and resources building their contact list and creating campaigns to wow recipients. With those types of returns on offer you want to know if what you are doing is working, and if not, why not. Does your email make it to the recipient’s inbox or is it blocked by a spam filter? Did the recipient open your email and what did they do with it next?Did they unsubscribe or mark you as spam?How did emails contribute to the overall success of your campaign?If the recipient clicked through to your website, how long did they stay and did they opt in or make a purchase? Using an email marketing platform like AWeber to track your emails and provide real time automated analytics not only helps you answer all these questions but optimises your chances of reaching more people and getting higher open rates. By delivering through their IP address you also reduce the chances of landing in spam.

With AWeber doing all that, it means your time is freed up to use the analysis to create cracking campaigns. Having easy access to your email marketing anytime, anywhere via app or desktop means you can view all upcoming broadcasts and keep tabs on subscribers — everything from where they signed up to how they’ve engaged with emails — in an easy-to-read dashboard.

Understanding how your audience is interacting with your emails means you can focus your efforts in the right areas.

Perhaps your list needs to be cleansed, freeing it from invalid or risky email addresses. Perhaps you could benefit from segmenting your email list to ensure you are sending the right content to the right audience. Maybe people are opening your emails but aren’t clicking through, so you need to focus on your communication. Whatever is going on, you will be able to make better decisions if you have accurate data to back you up.

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