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When it matters most, how well do you cope in a crisis?

When you really need to, can you quickly, easily and effectively reach all your customers? If not, why not?

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that email is without a doubt the most prominent form of communication in times of crisis. We have all seen our inboxes filled up en masse with daily information and reassurance from the businesses we interact with.

For many businesses it has been the quickest, most effective way of reaching large numbers of people to inform them about decisions and changes which affect them.

It is times like these that the accuracy and integrity of your email list is really put to the test. Imagine trying to communicate an important change in operations and receiving bounce back after bounce back. Not only is this frustrating for the sender, but can be detrimental to your brand if critical messages aren’t being received.

The good news – there is a solution

Inaccurate data compromises many different aspects of your business (even when there isn’t a crisis) so cleaning up your database or email list is the first step in effective communication. Our simple Data Cleanse will quickly tell you which emails are invalid, which are risky, and which are duplicates, provide you with a simple to understand report and suggestions on what to do next.

We can take it a step further and set you up with a simple, single page website for customers to update their details, ensuring the correct information is lodged against each department/function or segment of your list. So you’re sending the right email to the right person every time.

When your data is accurate it is also much easier to segment your list so you can personalise your communications and send targeted campaigns or messages. Want to let suppliers know your distribution centre is temporarily closed? Want to let customers know you’re trading at reduced hours? Segmenting your list ensures the right email gets to the right person and you’re not clogging your contacts inboxes with information that is not relevant to them. When emails are relevant to the receiver your open rates are higher and your risk of landing in the junk folder decrease.

But how do you know what happens to your email after it has been sent? If you have low open rates or no way of knowing who is receiving or reading your emails then using an email marketing platform like AWeber allows you to see precisely who opened your email, who engaged with it and who was inactive.

A clean email list free from inaccurate addresses is essential if you need to quickly, easily and effectively reach all your customers, and achieving this doesn’t need to be complicated. We are here to help.

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