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The critical need of keeping your information up to date

“Data is one of the most valuable assets a business can have and potentially has a tremendous impact on its long-term success. That’s why it’s vital to utilize the right tools and technologies to fully leverage all available data and make it as accurate as possible.” Forbes, The Age Of Analytics And The Importance Of Data Quality, October 2019.

Data is important. As more systems become automated and connect, having accurate up to date data is crucial to interact effectively with customers and suppliers.

Inaccurate data compromises many different aspects of your business including marketing, sales and business development. If you are dealing in B2B, the chances of your data going stale due to staff turnover is high.

Not only do people change, but job functions, emails and phone numbers change too, so ensuring your contact lists are current and accurate is vital, especially as you rely more heavily on that data to interact with your customers.

When your data is accurate it is also much easier to segment your list so you can personalise your communications and send targeted campaigns. Ensuring the right email gets to the right person every time.

We have found that many companies of varying sizes continue to operate largely by manual processes – but we are convinced there is a better way.

We help businesses take control of their data by developing integrated and automated systems, enabling all parts of their business to talk to each other, allowing for the seamless flow of information from one area to the other.

Having a clean email list is the first step. We know that lists with a lot of stale addresses can lead to high bounce rates, spam complaints, and unsubscribes which leads to a whole world of problems, including destroying your send credibility.

As the world moves more and more towards automation, systems are more often required to talk to one another, and if data is inaccurate it can cause a breakdown in communication and in some cases operations. Accurate data begins with a healthy contact list.

In simple terms, ‘healthy’ means a database free from duplicates, incomplete data, inconsistent formats and risky or inaccurate email addresses. With our simple, yet highly effective Data Cleanse service we will let you know which email addresses are invalid, which are risky, and then provide you with an easy to understand report and suggest clear actions to take.

When you have lots of emails bouncing back indicating incorrect email addresses and requiring follow up it can be time consuming to keep on top of them. Having a platform such as a single page website where people on your list can update their details and add in the correct contact information means you aren’t manually updating the data yourself – you are more likely to have accurate details if recipients are entering this information themselves.

We can even help you get all of your data in a centralised database with a standardised data architecture and ensure you are up to date on all aspects of data best practices, including data entry, management, compliance and safety.

From Our Customers...
“Think New has set up an email system which has enabled us to identify who’s actually opening, reading and passing on our emails. In the past, when we sent an email there was no traceability, you didn’t know if it had been received or opened.
The new system is much more user friendly, we can track our progress, segment our list so we target who we send to – there’s a lot more flexibility.” Kiran Chhagn – Marketing Coordinator, ISL Industrial Ltd

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