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Case Study: PADIS - Product Accounting & Data Integration Service

Case Study - PADIS

The Brief

The client was a drop ship business & struggling to keep stock up to date on the website and in sync with what was in the ERP. They also had to make updates in several places resulting in duplicated work & unnecessary complications, with things getting missed in a busy environment.

This led to inaccuracies of stock on hand being reflected on the website and was causing credits to be issued and dis-satisfaction from the customers.

We were tasked with turning the ERP system into a single source of truth so that updates made there, flowed straight through to the website ensuring accuracy of data and reducing workload.

The Technology

The main ERP hub in the business is Netsuite. This is responsible for all the accounting, stock management, order control, purchasing etc.

As a drop ship platform without a brick and mortar store the client relied heavily on the website to sell the products. This was done via an NZ company called website world who offer a comprehensive website solution covering all your needs.

The Approach

Both of these platforms had API capabilities so we opted for a RESTful approach. Because there was a potential to expand the product and get stock information directly from the suppliers we built a middle platform to act as a go-between Netsuite and the website world API.

This gives us the opportunity to accept information from suppliers and have control over what gets pushed into netsuite.

The Outcome

We developed PADIS - Product Accounting & Data Integration System.

Insinc reported an estimated 30% increase in productivity from having PADIS operating in the business.

“I was receiving lots of price increases at the time, through all the drama with Covid. Having PADIS saved me hours. Previously I would have to import everything into Netsuite, then import into the website and double check everything. Not this time - I simply imported into Netsuite and the changes reflect online instantly” ~Business Owner

Now that PADIS is installed at Insinc, there are so many ways now that PADIS can modified and utilised in the business…

  • Suppliers Could be given their own logins to manage their own catalogues in PADIS
  • Not all product has to be stored in Netsuite - Suppliers can list products in PADIS that display on the website and only entered into Netsuite when attached to a purchase order
  • Orders placed on the website could be pushed directly to the customers account in Netsuite
  • CRM functionality could be added and much more

The possibilities are endless - from a simple time saving exercise of keeping stock up to date Insinc now have a robust system that can scale and grow with the business if and as required.