Thanks For Checking Out My Vaccine Pass Info

I am Pro-Choice, not Anti-vax.  I have no problem with anybody's decision to get the Covid Vaccine.  After all,  the intensity of the fear campaign that has been driven through the government & the media is, in my opinion un-relentless & cruel, designed to prey upon the vulnerable and is all about control nothing to do with health.

The government sanctions on how we are allowed to business are disgusting and I stand with the people of Queenstown, I believe in people's freedom to make their own medical choices, I do not support discrimination and welcome unity for our communities.

I do understand that the pressure on businesses, especially hospitality and close contact businesses it's unfair and therefore, My vaccine pass info is to put the power back into your hands...

I believe in your freedom to choose who you want to do business with and with that in mind - you can scan my pass, read this page and then the choice is yours whether you want us to proceed with our business together.

I do not stand alone, what is happening right now in New Zealand and across the globe is wrong.  If we simply comply to all of these unreasonable requests, where does it all stop?

As a nation we will come to regret allowing the government the right to strip away our freedom bit by bit... the masses will 1 day wake and say "Shit what's happened? "  By then it is too late to do anything about it.

But now its decision time, we will either be doing business or not, but at least you have the freedom to choose.

Kia Kaha

Matt 🙂

Couldn't Say It Any Better, Thanks For Standing Up Queenstown...

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