Customer success depends on quick communication and responsiveness. We were neither quick nor efficient in managing service requests when we first started selling. Between ordering new products and handling returns, proactive customer service fell on the back-burner. We felt simple tasks such as answering customer emails immediately; triaging issues to tier 2 and 3 support for quick resolution; and creating a positive customer experience was our greatest weakness. And it showed in our return visitor metrics. We sorely lacked an integrated e-commerce tool that delivered on customer excellence!

We knew what we needed but just didn’t know how to get there. Initially, we stitched together a hybrid help desk and CRM solution that enabled us to view customer support ticket history and triage tickets for resolution. However, we still were unable to hit 100% SLA fulfillment for customer resolution. Moreover, tickets were being submitted via our Contact Us page without making it to our help desk queue. Our account managers were finding out about unresolved tickets from customers and unless we acted fast, our customer goodwill would tank.

We held some discovery sessions and did scrappy user research with our marketing and fulfillment teams to find out which Customer Service processes required a priority overhaul given the number of irate customers. We set about enhancing those processes incrementally to create small wins.

Firstly we created an automation workflow upon a Contact Us form submission along with an Issue Type field which would send a notification to help desk if a service request submission came in. Secondly we set up triggered email which sent out a Welcome email immediately upon purchase along contact information for help desk. Thirdly we set up a cart abandonment nurture email stream that sent out a reminder email to a site visitor if they had abandoned their cart, along with the items in the cart. Within a few weeks, our customer engagement and satisfaction surveys showed improvement. Cart abandonment numbers were dropping slowly but surely.

At Think New, we bring this same approach of incremental change in our clients’ e-commerce environment that deliver big wins. We measure KPIs and metrics in order to determine the impact of our solution and iterate the solution based on target KPIs. We set out with a target of hitting a 100% SLA fulfilment and we accomplished our target! 

Customer excellence doesn’t have to be so difficult when you have us as your partner!

At Think New, we bring this same bespoke attention to your business processes and

we design our solution to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

At each phase of our development cycle, we take great care to ensure that our

solution is tailor made for your business needs.

We identify your business entities at the very beginning and create the necessary 

workflows and processes to unify your silos without adding unnecessary layers of 

automation. This allows us to deliver a solution which is performant, scalable for 

your business needs and reliable.

We implement features and functionalities in an incremental fashion allowing us to seamless add capabilities to your existing environment and enhance the internal adoption and change management process.

We stress-test all plugins and integrations to withstand real-world demands. We also carry out UAT testing in parallel with development sprints in order to facilitate internal adoption of the tool.

How often within the business does the system already do the things we need it to do?  Once we have you Integrated systems up and running we will fully train your power users and administrators to manage the day-to-day operations of the system in a disciplined fashion.