7 Day Training - How To Build A Lead Generation Funnel

What to expect over the next 7 days...

Today's training is all about Domain Names & Hosting.  he domain name is the address of the website that visitors type into their browser to access the site.  The hosting is the portal where all the files live so that the public can access them.

These are unavoidable tools if you want to have a business website but the costs are minimum (around $100 per year).

Let's get started and purchase a domain name and hosting for our lead generation funnel.

Now that we have our portal where we can put our website files we need a platform on which we can build our website.

For this training we will use a popular Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress to build out our site.  WordPress is very powerful and through the use of plugins and, (for the brave among you)  custom coding you can do anything on your site.

We will stick to the basics though - no tech experience needed for this level of training.

Lets install WordPress

Yesterday we introduced the WordPress dashboard and installed a couple of essential plugins.  Today we will start creating our funnel and building out our first pages.

We will introduce some new services today as we build out a booking form that can allow your prospects to request a call from you at a specific time.

If you have a product or service that you can sell after you've taken the name and email then I will also show you how to build out a sales page as well

Lets get started building out our first page

We briefly touched on the Auto-responder the other day when you saw the integrations panel on Optimize Press.

Today will be a much more thorough walk through of the AWeber system, we will get an account, Set up our first list, familiarise ourselves with the platform and get used to the different kinds of messages  that we can send.

After that we will integrate our list with the form on the website so that when a prospect opts in they go to the correct list. Lets begin

Today we build on yesterdays Auto-responder training and be introduced to campaigns.  Campaigns are what we use to send out an automated series of emails.

The advantage that campaigns have over the more dated follow up sequence are the use of tags.

Tags are very powerful in email marketing because they allow you to implement automation rules and move prospects & clients through the funnel while talking to them at the correct level

This is a lesson that is easier to show than explain so lets get going...

Over the last 5 days we have built out a lead generation that is designed to get a visitors name and email address and nurture them through a sequence that has a Call To Action (CTA) to either a sales page asking them to buy a product or service or a booking form designed to get them on the phonehttps://thinknew.nz/video-training-lead-generation-funnel/traffic-strategies/

The funnels purpose is to turn cold traffic into warm leads by creating a connection and building trust.... This is just Phase 1 though - the system is dependant on having visitors to connect with

Thats what todays training is about ... we need to get traffic to the opt-n page.  Lets go...

Thank you for going through this video training guide on lead generation funnels.  I hope that the content has been valuable to you and that you have implemented what you have learned.

Should you need any help then our friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions through the contact page or by replying to the email.

Now you have built out your lead generation funnel - lets look at some ways you can scale your efforts and get the most out of your digital marketing efforts

Click here to learn how to Scale the business

If you need any support through this process or want to book a call and have a chat about strategy or getting the most from your lead generation funnel, our friendly team are available through the contact page here.  Alternatively you can simply reply to any of the emails and we'll get back to you within 24 hours (usually much quicker)

Thanks for digesting this information and we'd love to get your feedback.

To Your Success

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