7 Day Training - How To Build A Lead Generation Funnel

Today's Training Video's - Introduction To The AWeber Platform

Different Kinds Of Messages Messages ..

Managing Subscribers ..

Building a Webform ..

Reports & Campaigns ..

Resources In This Video...

AWeber Auto Responder:

AWeber is a very powerful email marketing auto-responder and is my system of choice.

The reason I like AWeber over other solution providers is the deliverability of emails.  I find that the AWeber emails have a higher open rate which tends to suggest to me that more of my subscribers see the emails

Email Deliverability is a whole course & game of its own - there are many things we can do to cover the basics but at the end of the day, each user has different settings on their email system so its a constant reminder to subscribers to whitelist our email addresses.

Hre is a link to the AWeber platform if you want to follow along in the training


Day 5 Summary...

If you need any support through this process or want to book a call and have a chat about strategy or getting the most from your lead generation funnel, our friendly team are available through the contact page here.  Alternatively you can simply reply to any of the emails and we'll get back to you within 24 hours (usually much quicker)

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