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If You Could Have 1 Button, That When Pressed Meant All Your Menial Tasks Were Dealt With Instantly... 
What Would That Button Do & When Would You Want It Installed?

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What Problems Does Integration Solve?

Integration solves the problem of information bottlenecks within your business. 
Here's some examples:

  • Would it be good if everytime you processed an order - all of your relevant systems updated at the same time and Notifications were sent to appropriate people?
  • What about if everytime a product was sold online that you didn't have in stock, a purchase order was created automatically and sent to the supplier on auto pilot?
  • How much time would it save if your systems automatically allowed your customers to track their own orders from dispatch to delivery without needing to contact you once?
  • These are some of the kinds of problems that can be solved with Integration, overcoming silos and moving your business towards seamless customer & supplier communication.

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What Kinds Of Things Can You You Integrate?

Integration is for you if you're suffering from any of the following:

  • You sell product online and you need to keep stock levels in sync with your ERP.
  • Customers Place orders online and you have to re-enter them into your accounting package in order to process them
  • You have many suppliers and you want to keep track of what they have in stock
  • Customers keep calling with repetitive questions such as price & availability
  • You want to communicate tracking numbers with the your customers so they can trace their own orders
  • You have marketing messages or follow ups that you want to keep track of in the system


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How Much Does Integration Cost?

That all depends on the complexities of the systems that you need to have integrated and the tasks you want to automate...  It really does vary from system to system.

The big cost you should consider when thinking about integration is the opportunity cost you are missing out on by Not integrating your systems...

How much additional time would you have in your business if your customer and supplier communication was seamless?

What could you do with that time to grow your business?

There are off the shelf integration tools available that may or may not fit your business, however, at Think New, we treat every Integration as a custom project because "off the shelf" is not designed specifically for you & your individual business. 

It starts with a no obligation strategy call and a conversation about what you want to achieve...

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Whether you're simply curious to find out whats possible with Integration, have an off the solution you've heard about that you want to discuss,  or you have a pressing need to simplify your business and improve your processing power & productivity...

Whatever your needs, we'd love to chat with you further about this and explore the opportunity.

The initial call starts on Zoom and is around 15 mins duration.  If we both feel that further exploration  is warranted we can take to the next level for a deeper dive discovery and scope

From there you will receive a full written proposal for your consideration

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