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What is Integration?

We Help With That Really

Frustrating I.T. Problem!

You know the One? Where you need to get all of your systems talking to each other so you can have a single source of Truth that information flows from!

Running Multiple Systems?

All have seperate Logins?

Have you tried Zapier?

Doesn't quite work right?

Not to mention the learning

Thats the problem we Fix

How many times have you invested money in a system that is supposed to increase business and make life simpler but ultimately only adds complexity and confusion to your already busy schedule?

You're not alone in this, we speak to people day after day who are sick of throwing good money after bad in an attempt to get it "right"

Let us take the guesswork out of it for you with our independant consultation service that ensures you get system investment right & save yourself the Headache of figuring it all out. Ready to learn more? Call Us Today

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Here's How Your Consultancy Report Will Work...

Site Visit

Here is where we can connect and get an understanding of your business. The amount of time you need to invest depends on you. Usually the input from the business owner is 30 - 90mins - depending on how involved they are in the day to running of the business

Then the business owner usually passes me on to key personnel who can give me the information I need to know


After the site visit, the report is prepared - This takes between 15 & 20 hours depending on the complexity of your systems and the size of the problem we are looking to solve.

This is an independent report and will include a variety of solutions. Some may be for our products but most of the time we try to recommend ways you can simply extend existing resources to incorporate new features.

We like to provide you the option of implementing quick fixes (if appropriate) with a view to establishing a more permanent or comprehensive solution further down the track. With that in mind, the document we produce can be seen as a fluid strategy that can be implemented piecemeal to maximise effectiveness while minimising disruption


Approximately 7-10 days after our initial site visit we will return to deliver the report. A soft copy can be sent over ahead of time if you prefer to glance through and prepare questions.

This is a strategy session where we can explore the findings, answer any questions and prepare next steps


Following on from the strategy session our team are available for follow up questions via phone or zoom calls for 30days. After this standard consultancy rates apply

Ready To Get Started?

Terms Of Engagement

The above mentioned consultancy service comes at a cost of $1,500 excl GST with a 20% deposit required to commence work and the balance due 7days after delivery of the report.

This is a stand alone service and there is no obligation to engage Think New in any of the development or implementation of the solutions suggested.

We may offer some of our products / solutions if we feel they are a good fit for what you need, however the final decision is yours and you will always have an alternative option (provided in the report) to achieve the same goal.

All work is backed by our 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the information provided or the quality of the report simply let us know explaining why you are not satisfied before the end of the 30days AfterSupport and we will provide you with a full refund