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Innovative Digital Solutions Tailored for Your Business Growth

At Think New, we challenge the conventional "one-size-fits-all" approach to digital solutions. We understand that your business is unique, and forcing it into a pre-designed system can limit potential and overlook essential processes. Why settle for a system where your business needs to adjust?

Our Solutions: Customized, Flexible, Scalable

Track Profitability Job by Job: Gain granular insights into your operations. Streamline Your Quoting System: Efficiently convert inquiries into proposals. Seamless Integration of Accounts & Invoices: From inquiry to invoice, enjoy a unified workflow.

Enhanced Visibility Across Operations: Keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

The Think New Advantage: Modular, Scalable, Custom-Fit

We embrace a modular approach, crafting digital templates that allow for true customization. This flexibility ensures you’re never bogged down by unnecessary features or hindered by a lack of scalability. As your business evolves, adding complexity is straightforward—integrate additional modules with minimal effort, allowing your system to grow as you do.

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Business’s Potential?

Discover what’s truly possible when your digital infrastructure aligns perfectly with your business needs. With Think New, experience a partnership that prioritizes your growth, customization, and future scalability.

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CEO & Founder


Before he was known as ‘the website guy’, Matt spent many years in the UK in direct customer sales and marketing roles. A turning point in Matt’s life saw him immigrate to New Zealand in 2005. In a complete change of pace, he took on a warehouse role at Hobeca Trading, a hand tool import and distribution company. He soon began developing systems for picking and packing to streamline processes and increase efficiency.

A few years later, Matt attended an internet marketing seminar which completely changed his perception of the online world and catapulted his career in a new direction. He recognised the enormous potential for Hobeca to trade online and he shifted into a website administration and customer services role.

Within several years Matt had watched Hobeca’s systems become fully integrated and built a strong eCommerce presence online. He went on to hold numerous roles with the company – all focused on generating revenue and strengthening customer relationships.

Realising many businesses were similarly desperate to compete in the online space, Matt began consulting. Highly sought-after, he was called upon for his expertise in helping businesses succeed online. From streamlining inventory control and management, establishing accurate product information systems to ensuring ERP systems reflected the product effectively online, he helped clients get their websites working harder and smarter and producing results.

Matt’s passion for helping businesses streamline their processes and integrate their systems saw him take the plunge and launch Think New in 2019.